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Conviviality, shared experience, approachability, comfort, joy: all these things contribute to who we are.

We embrace Spain's spirit of casual dining and bar culture, and it is reflected in our wines and food, our musical and physical environments, and the way our team welcomes our guests.

Come enjoy an unhurried progression of wine, cheese & charcuterie, small plates and sweets,

alongside people that bring them to life.


We present a unique experience in the region, bringing elevated attention to simple cuisine

embracing the bounty of our region and Old World tradition in equal measure.


Explore and discover in comfort and familiarity.

We're passionate about caring for our guests and delighting them with new experiences.


We believe that details are what tell an entire story.

What is a pintxo??


A pintxo, pronounced "peen-cho," is a small, enticing bite to chomp and enjoy! It also refers to the skewer on which these little dishes are often served. We're looking forward to welcoming you in, and delighting you with one pintxo after another!

Meet the Team

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